Sumatra Dolphins

6am local time, sunday morning, partly cloudy sky, fresh breeze. Noodles instead of croissant – here they hardly distinguish between breakfast and the other meals. Probably, in this same moment, my friends in Italy are out at some club, catalans are invading the ramblas to celebrate victory against Manchester, and brazilians are dressing up to go out for their first beer.

I will write this post and probably the following in english, due to few requests i received. Since the author is me, language won’t be difficult and I assume no italian would have troubles in understanding. Should there be any problem, you can always ask one of my best friends, google translator =)

From chaotic Jakarta, sometimes you can’t sense you are in such a beautiful country. I’ve always seen postcards showing huts over the water (altought, okay, many are from Thailand), but only now I can really breath their atmosphere. To tell the truth, the beginning of the trip was not so good: try to think how many people can fit in a small bus, and multiply by two. Here is the result:

Given that the whole trip (taxi + tiny bus + ferry + same tiny bus + SUV + boat on the following picture) took around 16 hours, must admit we were quite tired. You might argue if it was worth to travel 16+16 hours to spend 24 in a deserted island, the question makes sense. But then, this is the landscape that welcomed us.

This island is deserted apart from one only house, where supposedly one family lives, at the bottom floor, while the upper is temporarily rented for us. The water is taken from a well, and we ate fish that they caught the same day. I’m not going to speak about facilities like furniture or showers, I might sound like a complaining european, but it was a good experience. It just feels so nice to completely merge with nature, waking up and going to bed at the pace of sun. Just, sometimes I miss separation between place where you eat, and place where you walk 😛

Vegetation is huge, composed by cocoa, coconut, durian and banana trees. Given my addiction to chocolate, I find it funny to finally get thankfully in touch with trees that produce this delightful fruit.

Back to our 6am sunday alarm clock, today we are going to see dolphins. I never saw one outside a zoo, it was quite a beautiful experience to be surrounded by flocks and flocks of them. Below, a funny pic of me underwater – the group was from a diving school, so they had plenty of good underwater cameras.

More pictures on the following link

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