Worklife in Indonesia

I always tought work philosophy is very important for companies, since spending 8 hours a day in a place where you don’t feel confortable is something you wouldn’t wish to anyone.

Italian companies rarely pay attention to this detail. In less developed countries, instead, people care much more about personal relationships. Especially in Indonesia, where there is no habit of hanging out in the night, workplace is also a way to develop friendships.

One example is the sport tournament my company organized last month, we were divided in 8 divisions and competed in 6 sports – badminton, basket, volley, chess, futsal and table tennis. It’s also nice because during the day employees speak less about job and more about tactics for the evening game =O

My team lost in quarterfinals in almost all disciplines, but we won the futsal tournament ehhe =) we were even given a small economical prize. But most important, the mood in all the company was greatly warmer and amusing during this month.

Another good thing is weekend trips. In some companies, people not even know about each other’s private life, let alone hanging out together after work. Here, my colleagues organized a kind of ‘team days’ and the thirty of us jumped to our motorcycles and rode to a mountain 3 hours south from Jakarta, where we had rented an house with 6 beds – too kind, they insisted to have me sleeping in one of them, I couldn’t refuse 🙂 the rest just slept over carpets on the floor.

In the daytime we visited some nice waterfalls and we were even able to swim in one of them 😉

Maybe sometimes indonesians focus too much on the ‘social’ side of the job, but definitively the other opposite – where people hate their workplace – is far from the ideal situation. Having fun at work is something italian companies rarely consider, but it’s not really that difficult.

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